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About Darla Ogle

Darla grew up in Texas and experienced the Emerald Coast as a vacationer as a child, then as an investor in rental property, and then 10 years ago made the plunge to make 30A her home. In addition to raising a family in this beautiful area, she has owned rental property, built a home, remodeled a home and her husband and she are small business owners on 30A. Darla’s passion for real estate is a natural extension of her desire to help others. She would love nothing more than to help you find the perfect place to call home or find the right buyer for your property.

Latest Blog Posts

Off Market to the Rescue

I have done two off market sales in the last month that have resulted in wonderful results for my clients.  How do off market deals come about?  I had a buyer who had specific criteria

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Beach Safety on 30A

Growing up landlocked in North Texas, I never lost any sleep over rip currents or beach conditions.  Now that my home is on the Gulf Coast, I am very aware of the beauty and ferocity of the

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Dogs on 30A

Well, we are crazy about dogs on 30A!  There are some things you need to know when you bring your four legged friends to the beach! Walton County has rules about dogs actually being on the

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Lake Living on the Coast

When I chose to make 30A my home 10 years ago, my main focus was the beautiful white sandy beaches and emerald water and slower pace of life.  I no longer had some of the conveniences I was

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